Central Exchange has a history of rockstar interns (see Kaylah and Elizabeth). This summer, the streak continues as we are fortunate to have another rockstar – Adrieanna Norse, senior strategic communication student at the University of Kansas. “I love working with people who are pursuing a goal that’s important to me.” Get to know Adrieanna.  

Day in the life: 

Adrieanna Norse is Central Exchange’s strategic communication intern. Her love of blogging, writing and journalism led her to pursue a degree in strategic communication at the University of Kansas where she’ll graduate next May. At Central Exchange, Adrieanna creates social media content, blogs and connects with members to share their CX stories. 

Why she loves CX:  

“I love the vision and the mission — it’s inspiring,” Adrieanna shares. She appreciates the team unifying and pursuing goals around advancing women. “What Central Exchange does for women is life changing. I’m excited to be a part of that.” 

Meaningful women:    

Adrieanna shares a close relationship with her mom, Cynthia, who influenced her to become a leader. “My mom raised me to understand my worth and value. She’s always encouraged me to be the best woman, student and everything I can be.” 

Michelle Obama is another woman she admires. She fell even more in love with her after reading the former first lady’s book Becoming. “Michelle has always been her. She never let anyone else determine who she is. She stayed humble and didn’t let the opinions and the world affect her family.” 

Adrieanna’s family:  

Adrieanna’s family relocated from Sacramento when she was 7 years old. Her dad, mom and older brother live in Overland Park and Adrieanna calls Lawrence home for now. Her parents have been proudly married 35 years. The family fur-baby is Buddy, a 10-year old maltipoo. 

Outside CX, where we’ll find her:  

 You can find Adrieanna at Starbucks or Java Break, a Lawrence favorite, blogging or journaling in her free time. A fierce planner, she loves to outline everything that’s happening in her life from KU basketball games with friends to travelling. On her bucket list? Santorni, Greece or Hawaii. “I love the water,” she smiles.

Her hidden talent:

Sign her up for carpool karaoke — Adrieanna loves to belt it out in the car. Her go-to singer is Beyonce, because, of course. 

On women leadership: 

“I think women deserve for their voices to be heard. They deserve a chance in everything,” she says. “A lot of women don’t have an advocate, or they don’t know the value of one. It’s necessary as a woman to know how to be a leader and the importance of being a good one.”

Words Team CX uses to describe Adrieanna: 

Intentional. Kind. Hardworking. Thoughtful. Proactive. 

Thank you, Adrieanna, for being a dedicated member of Team CX! We appreciate all the talents you bring to our organization, and we look forward to the rest of the summer with you.