Rockstar interns. They’re rare, but when you find one, it brings new life and energy to your organization. This summer, Central Exchange was fortunate to have one such rockstar – Elizabeth Nolke, a senior student athlete at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. “I appreciate the caliber of this internship. I’ve been given genuine projects that I can own and make a real difference.” Get to know Elizabeth.  

A day in the life: No two days are the same for Elizabeth as our Central Exchange Summer Intern. Whether it’s working on social media research, promoting Central Exchange’s catering company or doing personal reach outs, she’s been crucial to helping Team CX achieve our goals. Elizabeth also collaborated with the finance and membership departments on several key projects. 

Her CX Connection: Elizabeth connected with Central Exchange through the UMKC Edward Smith Internship (just like our communications + impact coordinator, Kaylah!). Elizabeth was one of only five selected for the program, and she was placed with Central Exchange. “Central Exchange is all about connections. It’s a friendly space for you to learn, grow and connect” she says.  

Elizabeth with CX Elizabeth with Central Exchange Members at the Just for Her event. 

Outside of CX: “You’ll find me running on the trolley trail!” she smiles. A cross country and track & field student athlete, she runs twice a day during her seasons. You might also find her wandering around her Brookside neighborhood with her boyfriend, Jason.  

Enjoying time with boyfriend, Jason.

Family: A Kansas City native, family is very important to Elizabeth. She loves spending time with her mom, dad and younger sister, Julia, and their two dogs Gizmo and Willow. “My family also hosted several international students growing up,” she says. “My parents like to joke that they have 9 daughters!”  

On women leadership: “I don’t see why women leadership would not be important. It bothers me that there are still barriers and limits placed on women. I understand they are there … but I’m determine to work hard to break those barriers.”    

A lesson she’s learned from CX: “I’ve learned to be brave,” Elizabeth says. “I can implement that project and introduce myself to that connection. The team culture here has taught me to be brave . . . why not try?”  

Favorite place in Kansas City: Liberty Memorial at night. “I love taking friends from out of town there. I love showing that Kansas City is such a vibrant, colorful place.”  

“I’m determined to work hard to break those barriers.”  

Elizabeth with her UMKC cross country teammates. 

Why travel matters: “There’s some quote that I love about traveling,” she says. “If you stay in one place, it’s not going to change. But if you leave and come back, your perspective changes. It makes home feel better. You get to see home through new eyes.”  

Hidden talent: Happy, sad or frustrated … Elizabeth loves to belt it out  (especially anything Adele or Ed Sheeran). She claims to be an “in the car / shower” singer, but Team CX is ready for her public debut.  

Woman who’s made a difference: “My mom. She’s so hardworking. And she never put any limitations on me because I am a woman. She instilled a confidence into me and my sister that we can do anything we put our minds to.”  

With family at her sister’s graduation. 

Words Team CX uses to describe Elizabeth: Thorough. Creative. Reliable. Valuable.Vivacious. Humble. Intelligent. Proactive. Confident. Tenacious 

“Elizabeth consistently demonstrated keen initiative to identify the end goals present her suggestions for solutions with that in mind,” Courtney Thomas, CX President & CEO, says.  “Elizabeth has brought a positive energy to Central Exchange and she will be sorely missed. We are confident she will continue to achieve great things.”  

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