I am Enough

Years ago, a dear coworker placed a beautiful note on my desk. It was about the size of a business card and it read, “you are enough.” For years it stayed taped to the keyboard of my laptop, until one day it became too worn. To preserve this special memento and spark of inspiration, I had to remove it. Nonetheless, this phrase is a gentle reminder that I tap into frequently… but sometimes, perhaps, not often enough.

Life is such a gift, and everyday there is more and more for which to be grateful. However, that doesn’t mean that at times we don’t get stalled by the speed bumps we encounter. As a mom, a wife, a CEO, a friend, a visionary, an explorer, a fast-moving mover and shaker and a comfortable risk taker, there are times it feels juggling it all is a bit much. Am I achieving my goals? Am I leading to the best of my ability? Am I making the right choices with my children and leaving them with experiences and nuggets of wisdom to help them live their best lives? Am I making enough time for friends and a social exhale? Am I leaving enough of me for my husband… and for me?

Interestingly enough at today’s Easter service at church, our pastor was also speaking about this subject of, “I am…” He shared how easy it is for us to generate self-talk where the phrase “I am” ends with words/phrases like, “too overweight, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not social enough, never going to achieve…” Inside the church bulletin, there was a sticky note. Towards the end of the service, he instructed everyone to take out the sticky note and finish the sentence with something positive and affirming. My children even participated and reading what they wrote was a nice reminder that I must be doing OK in the category of “mom.”

Shift your perspective – begin to think about all that you are, instead of what you believe you are not. Keep in mind, you have a 100% rate of success surviving thus far. That’s a clear sign that you are enough!

As I tell my children frequently, as long as you show up and do your best every time (which doesn’t always mean YOU WILL BE THE BEST) and you are treating yourself and others with respect and kindness, then you are more than enough.

Today, my post-it was complete with the phrase: I am enough. It’s my go-to reminder to get myself re-calibrated when I shift a little off-track and impose beyond Wonder Woman expectations on myself.

Keep believing, keep dreaming, keep doing the amazing things you are doing. Strive to learn something new everyday, meet new people, share ideas, live with integrity and let the lessons you learn when you fall become your future strengths. There is such a bright light within you. Follow it. Your internal compass will guide you right where you are meant to be… remember, you are enough!

This week, I encourage you to take out your own post-it-notes and complete this phrase with positive affirmations and intent. How will you choose to finish the sentence, “I am…”


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