Every day life teaches us something new. Life lessons are not to be ignored, but instead pondered about how they are to be applied.

What’s a relationship? When people only reach out to you when they need you to do something for them but never bother to ask how you are, or the people you need most are consistently the ones to show up last, or you are regularly bending or flexing to meet in the middle but there’s no flexing on the other side to meet you in the middle, or you find yourself the only one in the equation thanking others, asking folks how they are or how you can help but don’t get that in return, it’s probably time to think harder about the life lesson and how you will apply it.

In the act of loving others, don’t forget to also love yourself and to choose wisely how and with whom to give of yourself and your time. Give yourself to those who fill your bucket (and you theirs), not those who drain it. Spend your time with those who make your heart shine. #CTsLifeLessons