Remember the feeling of going back to school? Amidst the excitement and nerves, there was the beautiful possibility that a new year brings. Your school days may be far behind you, but you can still harness the fun energy of the back to school season! 

September is the new January: it’s a great time to set resolutions and leverage great new tools to amplify your success. And there’s no better way to launch this exciting season of possibility than to pack your own ‘back to school’ workbox with new supplies you need to thrive.

Here at CX, we’ve got you covered. Our top picks for perfect #Boss workbox will kickstart your motivation and enthusiasm for the fall season ahead. Let’s get started! 

The better-than-ever writing utensil

It’s time to get your ideas onto paper and get started with those big dreams. Having the right writing utensil can help you get those ideas out of your brain and into reality. Just imagine what you could accomplish with a pen that never ran out. Basically, you’d be unstoppable! Enter the Beta Inkless Pen, which writes with a special metal alloy that will enable you to write for a lifetime. 

If you’d rather go with an old faithful, see the Pilot G2. This retractable gel ink pen is the best-rated on Amazon with reviewers who laud its “smooth as butter” ink. 

Prefer a pencil? has a special pencil set that comes complete with affirmations. Nothing brightens up a Monday like a pencil that says, “You’re a total champ!”

With the right tool in your hands, your ideas will flow. Spark your inspiration by choosing a writing utensil that makes it easy to do your work and adds fire to your biggest dreams.


The can’t-miss podcasts

What will keep you going when deadlines are looming and you want nothing more than to veg out on the couch? These must-listen podcasts will be your secret weapon. 

To channel your entrepreneurial side, Chrissy Wright’s Business Boutique will fuel your drive to succeed. Episodes like “How to Be Successful at Anything by Starting Small” and “How to Identify the Problem Your Business Solves for Your Customers” will give you the extra push you need to reach new levels. 

Ready to conquer the world with your financial knowledge? You’ll enjoy WSJ’s Secrets of Wealthy Women. You’ll discover “Why Working Women Win” and “The Game of Reinvention” in this valuable podcast. 

Whatever your goals are this year, find a podcast to keep the inspiration coming. The school year is all about learning new things — and, bonus, this podcast education comes tuition free.


The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ email plugin

Are you guilty of apologizing too much? Chances are you’ve apologized for something that required no apology; in fact, studies show women say they’re sorry far more than male counterparts. While it often comes from a place of love, too many “sorries” can undermine your power. Is this the season to shift your “I’m sorry” script and communicate with authority? Then install the Just Not Sorry Gmail Plug-in!

This savvy little plugin will warn you when you write an email using words that undermine your message. You’ll gain awareness of when your words may be working against you, and find an easy fix to write with greater confidence.

As your mission grows more important than ever, your message does too. Add this helpful plugin to your workbox and you’ll be communicating with power.


The empowering community

There’s no better way to fasttrack your success than connecting with a group of women who can’t wait to see you succeed. Central Exchange is a Kansas City community dedicated to seeing ambitious women thrive. 

Stuck in your job search? Curious about entrepreneurship? Want to uplevel your professional or personal life? Join us at Central Exchange and you’ll find a group of women who are willing to help and excited to get to know you. Central Exchange is one tool your workbox is simply incomplete without!

With informative events to put more tools in your workbox and women ready to build uplifting relationships, Central Exchange is the ultimate community for ambitious Kansas City women. You belong here! Come see what Central Exchange has to offer. Be our guest at one of our many upcoming leadership programs