After a busy career in corporate management, Kelly Byrnes made her way from Chicago back to her hometown of Kansas City. She had launched a professional training company in Chicago after September 11th and moved it to Kansas City to be closer to her beloved family a few years later. In 2016, she took her passion for business to the next level. Kelly founded Voyage Consulting Group, which helps boards, founders and executives understand how their organizations are functioning, so they can tackle anything jeopardizing revenue, retention and reputation. A skilled business leader, adjunct instructor at Rockhurst University and author, Kelly shares her expertise as a member of the CX board of directors. “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to contribute to this organization because it is important to so many people.”  Meet Kelly.


Central Exchange has been on Kelly’s radar since shortly after college. Barbara Pendleton, a family friend, and early CX member offered Kelly career advice and shared how Central Exchange impacted her life and career.  After a career traveling the country and working in different cities, Kelly was thrilled to join as a member in fall 2018. “Central Exchange is highly regarded and holds an important place in Kansas City,” she says. “CX earned its strong legacy in Kansas City, and I am glad to be part of building it for the future.”


Central Exchange is an organization where Kelly has the opportunity to learn, grow, and give back. She joined the board in early 2019, eager to contribute her expertise to an organization she values. “I’m still learning and getting as much as I’m giving,” she says. The professional and personal connections she’s made at Central Exchange have been life-changing. One of the greatest lessons Kelly has learned at Central Exchange is the impact of vulnerability.  “While at CX, so many people have shared expertise and experiences with me, and I’m thankful that CX has given me the opportunity to learn from other members,” she says. She also enjoys learning with a variety of leaders from different industries at CX events.


The 2019 Leadership Lyceum has been one of Kelly’s most memorable events to date. She admired how the event gave attendees the opportunity to invest in themselves and be present in the moment. “I loved the energy between sessions, and women were radiating positive energy all around,” she recalls. Kelly is especially fond of two CX programs: Your Boardroom and Leadership Drive. She helps facilitate Leadership Drive with Donna Craig and likes the interaction with other leaders. In 2018, Kelly was in the “Seat of Honor” at Your Boardroom, where she received feedback about a new strategic direction her company was considering. “It really was an honor to hear feedback and ideas from other members, and we made several changes based on it.” You can check out these programs here.

Kelly is a contributor to a new book that was published on July 15th. 1 Habit: 100 Habits from the Happiest Achievers on the Planet, includes 100 habits from leaders across the country. After Kelly contributed, she arranged for fellow CX member, Amy Leslie to be a contributor to this new book as well. The CX bond at work! Shop all of Kelly’s books, including Secrets of Seasoned Professionals (2016) here.


Some of the most powerful connections Kelly has formed in the CX community are with members of Team CX including Mona Raglow, Director of Member Experience, and Courtney Thomas, President & CEO. “Mona is so in-tune and knowledgeable that whenever she says something, I always pay full attention.” Kelly appreciates Courtney for several reasons. Kelly says. “I admire Courtney’s ability to connect with everyone in an authentic way, all while achieving high performance. She is a courageous leader making a difference to CX and the community. Wow, we are so blessed to have Courtney as our leader!”


In one word, Kelly describes Central Exchange as valuable. She guards how she uses her time and finds value in every CX program she attends. Kelly loves the people and the dynamics of Team CX, and she appreciates how Team CX is striving for a higher purpose of the organization. “CX does an amazing job of making people feel special,” Kelly shares. “I feel a sense of connection and loyalty throughout CX, and it is easy to care about people who are part of this organization.” 

Thanks to Kelly for being an outstanding, loyal and valuable member at Central Exchange. Join together with women like Kelly and achieve your full potential. You’re welcome here! Register for one of our many upcoming programs.