Kerri Voyles is the Director of Marketing & Communications at Central Exchange. She’s a rockstar and passionate about what she does at Central Exchange. Kerri values her relationships with CX members and the Kansas City community. “My time at CX has been enlightening. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from the programs.” 

Kerri graduated from the University of Missouri where she received her Master’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in strategic communication. Her background is an abundant combination of strategy and design. Since she was a child, she’s been interested in marketing. Growing up, she loved crafting which evolved into joining yearbook in high school. While at Mizzou, she realized that she could do that for a living, using brand and design for social good.

Day in the life:    

Kerri spends her busy workdays in team meetings and working with members and Team CX. She strategizes the future of Central Exchange, which requires a lot of collaboration and communication. Some days Kerri is heads-down designing and there are days that she dedicates to emails, following up, coordinating with CX intern, Adrieanna, and working with any other collaborators. Kerri dedicates some of her time to the Kansas City community to strengthen connections with Central Exchange members and other young professionals in the community.

Meaningful women:    

Kerri admires her mom, KC.  She has remained connected with the community and inspires Kerri to be an outstanding leader in the workplace and in the community. She pushes Kerri to take things one step at a time and encourages her to maintain a strong work-life balance. Kerri also looks up to Malala Yousafzai, who stands up and fights for girls’ education and uses her story to build bridges. Recently, Kerri met a woman named Katrina Jeng who founded a magazine for the Asian-American community and is also a marketer and female brander who makes her own magic! 

Outside CX, where we’ll find her:  

You can find Kerri curled up on her couch drinking a hot cup of tea with friends or working with Connext, the young professional’s nonprofit group where she serves on the board. Kerri also enjoys cooking delicious meals with her husband, Ethan.

Her passions:

Kerri is passionate about women’s equality, the community, her family, friends, and her husband. She is also passionate about boundaries, especially women who feel empowered and enabled to have boundaries and not feel ashamed for doing so. Kerri loves potatoes in all forms: french fries, chips, mashed potatoes. There isn’t a form of potatoes she doesn’t like!

“I’m passionate about equitable representation, specifically for minorities.”

On women in leadership:   

Kerri believes women deserve a chance in everything. “A lot of women don’t have an advocate, or they don’t know the value of one,” she says. It’s necessary as a woman to know how to be a leader and the importance of being a good one. “I think women deserve for their voices to be heard.”

CX in one word:

Enlightening. Kerri admires Central Exchange’s involvement in the community.

“CX is transformative for the people that it’s involved with, that can be members or staff.”

Thank you, Kerri, for being a dedicated member of Team CX! Continue to make your marketing magic! Read more profiles on Team CX here.