With a background in apparel, Nancy Petersen has had a rich and diverse career of corporate and entrepreneurial success. Early in her career, Nancy developed her own custom bridal and special occasion business on the side as she advanced within the apparel industry. When Nancy had the opportunity to live in Copenhagen, she became the president of the American Women’s Club in Denmark. There she became acquainted with the American ambassador to Denmark and his wife and even got the chance to represent them at an event hosted by a member of the Danish royal family. 

Nancy has traveled to more than 30 countries and raised two special needs children all while working and moving her custom business both domestically and internationally. When a career advancement placed Nancy in Overland Park, Kansas, her fellow members in Central Exchange were there to support and encourage her and continue to grow her network in Kansas City. “I’ve been to almost all 50 states and over 30 countries around the world,” Nancy notes. “In all those years, I never came across an organization as unique and special as Central Exchange.”

Her path to CX:

When Nancy realized her entire business relationship network was outside of Kansas City after moving back here, she became a member of Central Exchange. “One of the strategies I learned through my many times relocating was to re-establish a network and bloom where you’re planted,” Nancy shares. “I knew Central Exchange was the place where I would meet women who were in all levels of their careers, from all age groups and a myriad of businesses and industries. I knew it would be a very positive support system and network. Joining Central Exchange has absolutely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.”

One of the strategies I learned through my many times relocating was to re-establish a network and bloom where you’re planted. 

Central Exchange’s impact on her career:

“I have benefited tremendously through my membership,” Nancy says. “So many of the members are part of my professional network and my social network. They’re good people and I enjoy being around them.” Through Central Exchange, Nancy has sharpened her skills, learned their value in the marketplace and developed her personal brand and self-confidence. “Central Exchange has led me to reinvent myself,” Nancy adds. “I’ve taken everything I know and figured out how to make the most of all of those experiences to benefit me.”

Central Exchange has led me to reinvent myself. 

Favorite Central Exchange events:

Nancy enjoys a number of Exchange Circles at Central Exchange. Among her favorites is Trends in Marketing, where members hear from subject matter experts and discuss what’s working in marketing. In the CX SkillPath program series, Nancy appreciates learning new things and setting a positive tone for the day.

Memorable lesson:

“You never know what you don’t know,” Nancy relates. “Central Exchange offers great opportunities to get to know other members on a personal level and oftentimes you find commonalities and shared experiences even though you may not have known each other before.” Central Exchange is where she’s found people who have had similar experiences and had the opportunity to develop fun relationships with them.  

Final word:

Central Exchange is a place where Nancy can explore and live out all facets of who she is. “Central Exchange is a place I can go if I want to be my professional self, personal self, mentor self, teacher self or friend self,” she explains. “I can do all those things. I love that you’re able to embrace all these different aspects of who you are and all the things you bring to the table at Central Exchange.” From her experience as a member, Nancy knows that you get out of it what you put into it. She’s learned that you may even be surprised at just how supportive everyone is. “At Central Exchange,” Nancy says, “the people there genuinely want to be there for you and get to know you. They want to support you and be your cheerleader.” 

Thanks to Nancy for being a wonderful part of Central Exchange. You, too, can find your special place at Central Exchange. We are excited to get to know you and deepen your connection to the Kansas City community. You are welcome here! Be our guest at one of our many upcoming programs.