Even in the best of circumstances, surrounded by colleagues and friends who point out your strengths on the regular, knowing your value isn’t always easy. But it becomes even more important in uncertain times. 

When the world around you is changing rapidly and no two days look the same, knowing your worth is grounding. If we don’t comprehend our real value, how can we achieve the recognition we deserve? When we feel imposter syndrome creeping in, how can we defeat it without knowing our value? How do we receive what we’re really worth in our careers? How can we celebrate the value of those around us if we struggle to pinpoint our own?

If your self-worth has been a challenge in the past, bring your intention and focus to resetting  your habits to reflect your change of heart. As you consciously implement actions that illustrate your increased self-worth, you’ll begin to notice a difference in the way others treat you . . . and how you treat yourself. 

What can you do to boost your self-worth and show that you know your value — both in your career and beyond? Choose to take action in one or more of the areas below and watch what happens when you take your true self-worth to heart. 

Invest time in a hobby

Spending time to develop yourself is a powerful way to show your self-worth — both to yourself and those around you. When you take the time to learn new skills and explore your passions, you make yourself and the world a better place. In fact, a hobby as simple and satisfying as gardening has been proven to improve self-esteem and act as a preventative health measure! Just imagine the impact other hobbies can have.

Make a list of activities you’ve always been interested in, or get back into a hobby you love. Investing in yourself shows just how much you know your worth.  

Practice saying no

Many of the ways you might be neglecting your self-worth are saying yes for the sole purpose of pleasing others and hoping that they’ll determine your worth for you. Letting other people determine your worth is a dangerous thing. You’re avoiding the inner work to develop your own self-worth, and you’ll often find that other people won’t give you the respect you truly deserve. 

For one week, pay attention to every time you say yes to a request. Write it down and evaluate why you said yes. If your reasoning leans closer to people-pleasing, determine what’s triggering your response and start practicing your no

Respect your body

Self-care might be a buzzword these days, but especially during uncertain seasons, it’s a vital part of knowing your worth. It’s essential to take care of yourself. No one else is going to do it for you! If you push yourself to the edge of burnout again and again, others around you will see that as your new norm. Carefully setting boundaries around your body and your mind will keep you healthy and show everyone that you know you’re worth more than living life on the edge of exhaustion. 

Start with the basics and move up from there as you treat your body with the self-respect it deserves. When you know your worth, you know that includes your physical body too. Choose one aspect of taking care of yourself that has fallen to the wayside and intentionally bring it back into your life. Whether it’s drinking more water, adding movement into your day, getting an hour more sleep or anything else your body is asking for, make it a point to honor your body and health. 

Cultivate a community of inspiration 

When you surround yourself with inspiration, you will radiate that inspiration as you go throughout your everyday life. This kind of empowerment is an acknowledgment of your worth and the strength that you bring to the table. With the right inspiration, you’ll fully step into your role as a leader in your life and career. 

We’ve intentionally created a community of inspiration and empowerment at Central Exchange. Here, you’ll find the tools you need to own your worth and encouragement from like-minded peers to do it. We’re excited to announce this year’s Midwest Leadership Summit on June 29, 2021. At this favorite Central Exchange event, you’ll take time to reflect, reset and Renew. Mark your calendars and look for registration opening soon.