We’ve entered unprecedented times, and for many of us, working from home has become the new reality. Working remotely can come with some unexpected challenges and even some benefits including no commute and a custom environment. To help make this process stress free, here are four ways to keep yourself motivated, responsible, collaborative, and productive as you embark on this new, but temporary, transition of working from home. How will you make this process work for you? 


It’s important to create a simplistic, organized, and tidy workspace while working remotely. As tempting as it may be, working from your bed is not a smart idea and can lead to bad habits. Think about the workspace in your office away from home, what did that look like? Establishing an organized work environment can push you to be productive just as you would be in your office away from home. Also, don’t forget to get some fresh air regularly!


Social engagement platforms like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become rising trends since the stay home order has been established. These services are great ways to maintain communication between your colleagues and peers. Keep the communication between your colleagues going while keeping it fun, productive and collaborative. And while staying connected with your team is important, remembering to stay connected with your personal network is just as key. At Central Exchange, we’re hosting weekly Virtual Happy Hours that are open for anyone to join. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect and nurture relationships virtually.


It’s beneficial to set a list of expectations for yourself while working from home. How will I stay focused? What do I expect out of myself and my colleagues while working remotely? How can I stay motivated and productive? These are questions to ask yourself when establishing those expectations and can encourage you to stay motivated throughout the process. A blog from Skillcrush lists effective boundaries and expectations to set for yourself when working remotely. Check it out here!


As odd as it may seem, working from home can become exhausting and can lead to boredom in addition to fatigue. Even too many Zoom calls can lead to burnout. Create an organized work environment, stay active, set expectations, take breaks, get fresh air, and interact with friends and family members…pets too! These are effective ways to avoid work from home burnout and it’s important to manage boundaries between your work and personal life as well. 

As working remotely becomes a new and temporary reality for millions, it’s important to keep the transition as stress-free and comfortable as possible. These four tips will help with that. What other tips do you recommend? Leave us a comment below with your best work-from-home strategies. 

“Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.” — Michelle Obama

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