Today I had a choice. Although I was running late and REALLY needed to keep moving above pace to get to work, I made the choice to stop and savor 30 seconds of smiles and memory making.

Mild snow flurries filled the air this morning in Kansas City, and my daughter stood in utter delight at the front door watching the flakes hit the ground. She loves snow. As we get in the car she says, “I want to catch snowflakes on my tongue, mommy.” “Maybe on the way into school,” I responded with hurry on my lips. 

Rushing to get her out of her car seat and into school, both of us forgot about the snowflakes. Midway down the hall she says, “but mommy! I didn’t catch my snowflakes!” Easily, I could have rationalized to myself and to her that I was in a rush – that “I can’t be late.” But I made the choice not to. Instead I said, “oh my! You’re right – and every girl needs to catch her dreams – I mean snowflakes – every chance she gets.” 

So together, we walked back down the hall and out the front door of the school. Together, we savored the moment of the most simple thing that brought her the greatest joy. And seeing her happy, makes me so happy. Most importantly, it causes me to reflect and remember that in every second we are framing how we are remembered. Today, my daughter’s memory was that we caught snowflakes together. Had I not let go of the rushed mindset, her memory would have been that I let her down. I’m grateful for my choice and remembering that life is short. Live it!

Courtney Thomas, President & CEO, Central Exchange