Joni Lindquist is a career coach and Certified Financial PlannerTM professional at Aspyre Wealth Partners who combines career coaching and financial planning to help her clients master what’s next. Joni joined Central Exchange in the midst of a major career change in 2005. She explained, “Life isn’t linear. There are ups and downs and there is always something next, both personally and professionally.” And her Central Exchange membership has helped her navigate it all. Meet Joni.

Her path to CX:

After 21 years at Sprint, Joni found her network largely consisted of people from her organization. When she left Sprint in 2005, Joni focused on sorting out what was next for her career. She shared, “I knew if I was going to stay in Kansas City, I was going to need to build my network.” Joni soon joined Central Exchange and took advantage of volunteer opportunities to build long-lasting relationships.

Career mission:

“Unless you inherit your money, growing your career is how you grow your income,” Joni says. This is why she finds it so valuable to coach her clients through the financial and professional aspects of their lives. As Joni coaches her clients to thrive in their careers, they develop more assets to grow their income. Encouraging her clients to take action on their personal and financial plans is Joni’s passion.

CX’s impact on her career:

Transitioning from a job at a large corporation to working at a 15-person small business, Joni found her access to resources to be vastly different. Through CX, she’s found countless learning opportunities valuable to her coaching business. “I believe in lifelong learning. You can always learn,” Joni added. CX’s training on leadership topics continues to be useful as Joni works with her own executive coaching clients.

Making connections:

With a busy and professional life, Joni can relate to the challenge of finding time to network. “As women, we don’t always take the time to build our social capital.” But the time she has carved out for Central Exchange has resulted in a strong group of friends and contacts. “I’ve met so many people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Joni said. “There’s no other avenue in which I would’ve met these people. We believe in inclusivity.” These connections have not only supported Joni’s business but also led to many personal friendships.

Memorable lesson:

Through CX’s programs, Joni is reminded that it’s all about people. It’s easy for leaders to focus so much on day-to-day tasks that they forget about people, who are the most important in reaching personal and professional success. Central Exchange helps keep her focused on what’s important.

Favorite CX program:

“I love the Lyceum,” Joni shares. “I’ve only missed it once in the past 13 years.” The day-long personal and professional development seminar is noted for its memorable speakers: one of Joni’s favorite speakers was best-selling author Daniel Pink. In addition to attending each year, Joni has served on the planning committee for this valuable event.

Network diversity:

“There’s no other forum or venue where I would have met so many outstanding people,” Joni notes. She says CX sets a standard for diversity and lives up to it. Joni appreciates the support and true friendship she receives from members and is quick to return the same support to other women as a mentor and sounding board.

Final advice:

“If you give, you get more in return,” Joni believes. After years of involvement and many hours spent volunteering at CX, Joni is quick to recommend getting involved. She shared, “I’ve given lots of my time over the years to CX because it’s a cause I believe in. But what I’ve gotten back, you can’t put a price tag on it. Central Exchange is priceless.”

Thanks to Joni for being a part of CX for more than a decade and generously sharing her time, talents and encouragement with our community. Find connections with women like Joni at Central Exchange. Invest in your career — and your life. You’re invited to visit! Register for one of our many upcoming programs.

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