Six years ago, Christine Julian founded her own interior design firm as a way to create a little freedom for herself. Today, it is an award-winning team of four employees dedicated to creating unique and sustainable interiors for residential and commercial spaces alike – with a focus on making happy, healthy and functional environments.

Health is a particularly important focus for Christine, in both her personal and professional lives, and she’s glad to have the Central Exchange community to support her.

The Importance of Balance

Christine says she started her company for the same reasons that many women have gone into business for themselves: to make some income and to be able to work from home. But her business, CJI Design Group, has enabled her to have so much more than that, and she thanks Central Exchange for helping her to see a bigger vision for truly owning her company.

“I have the life I’ve always wanted!” Christine says.

Achieving a healthy work/life balance isn’t easy, of course, but Christine is making it happen for herself. A business owner, mom of three and passionate gardener, she is learning how to better separate her work life and her home life. She’s learning that creating the life she wants to live is, actually, doable.

Words of Wisdom

Christine’s words of wisdom for her younger self are simple but poignant: Slow. Down. She wishes that she could go back and tell herself to take her time when learning something new. It can be very easy to fall into a pattern of learning a bunch of new stuff and trying to do it all at the same time. Instead, she says, try to learn something and then implement it – without rushing to learn something else right away or trying to cram too many new things into your skill set all at once.

“Give yourself a little grace,” she says. 

Learning something new or acquiring a new skill? It takes time, and some things are just harder to wrap your head around. It’s OK not to hurry!

Why Central Exchange

When a casual Facebook search for networking groups led Christine to Central Exchange last year, she planned her first visit and found a group of encouraging and relatable people – plus a chance to develop her leadership skills. It has since become her home base for connection.

She is especially grateful for the chance to talk with a variety of other people, as well as to connect over similar challenges – not to mention the schedule variety and selection of programs. In fact, she calls it “the best networking group.” Look for her at empathy-based design events or the Women in Sales Exchange Circle!

We would love to thank Christine for being part of the conversation and the network at Central Exchange! And we hope to see you at a future event: Join us as a guest for an upcoming webinar, an Exchange Circle, or other program for connection and community.