After Kaylee attended her first few CX programs, she was intrigued and decided to become a member of Central Exchange.  Because she was new to the Kansas City area, she wanted to discover a way to connect with other young women from the region and in different industries. After attending different CX programs, quickly making connections and hearing positive word of mouth, Kaylee knew CX was the perfect fit for her.  Meet Kaylee.


Kaylee Peile is a young professional who recently relocated from Illinois to Kansas City. She works with the KC Social Innovation Center and the program Hire KC. As a portfolio catalyst, she has the opportunity to lead young men and women to reach their fullest potential. For the last year, Kaylee has been a CX Ahead Scholar, CX’s selective scholarship for that offers a two-year endowed membership and exposure to all CX has to offer.


CX has positively impacted Kaylee’s career and personal life. Career-wise, CX has been extremely beneficial because she’s been able to bring Hire KC interns to various CX programs and expose them to Kansas City’s professional network. Central Exchange exposes interns to different programs and organizations in Kansas City. On a personal level, Kaylee’s had the opportunity to grow a special kind of network. CX gives her the opportunity to meet diverse women in different industries.


Last spring, Kaylee attended the EPIC 13 event where she met different social media influencers from Kansas City. This event was a great way for Kaylee to expand her network and gain different perspectives from fellow young professionals in Kansas City. Also, Kaylee appreciated the program  Finding Your Creativity with Aaron Fulk. She enjoyed learning about how to harness her creativity and how to take it to the next level in both her personal and professional life.


In one word, Kaylee describes Central Exchange as a “champion.” “CX has been an amazing champion for me as a young professional in Kansas City,” Kaylee says.  CX gives Kaylee the opportunity to grow as a young woman. Thanks to CX, she’s gotten out of her box and gained new, valuable connections.

Thanks to Kaylee for being an excellent and inspiring member at Central Exchange. Join together with women like Kaylee and achieve your full potential. You’re welcome here! Register as our guest one of our many upcoming programs.