Congratulations to the amazing honorees for #CXSTEMMYs19. Today, CX acknowledged  all the ways these inspiring women break barriers and create new paths for women in STEMM. 



Amber Stone is a Senior Information Security Analyst at Blue Cross  Blue Shield of Kansas City. She received her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Amber had plans to pursue a physical security career but later found her niche in cybersecurity. Her day-to-day routine at BlueCross revolves around changing the culture. She helps encourage security awareness and embodies the significance of being a ‘security-minded’ employee. When she learned that she had won a STEMMy Award she was surprised. “I don’t do the things I do to seek out recognition, I do it because it’s what should be done,” Stone says. 



Dr. Cheryl Cooper is a Security Risk Manager for Sprint as well as the founder and CEO of Women in Security Mentors Organization (WINS). After serving eight years in the military, Dr. Cooper decided to explore her opportunities in the private sector. Not only is she extremely passionate about her career field of security risk management, but she’s also passionate about helping others. Growing up, Dr. Cooper has always been an advocate for education. She works to encourage youth organizations and women to pursue careers in STEMM as well as cybersecurity. “We have to mentor them and grab their hand and say, ‘I got you.’” Dr. Cooper says. “And I’m going to help you through this career path.” Dr. Cooper inspires young men and women in the community, and she hopes to create a legacy of giving back and helping others.



Eva Karp is a registered nurse by training and has been HealthIT for 30 years. About 12 years into her clinical practice, an opportunity became available to be a liaison between IT and nursing. Eva is passionate about HealthIT as a STEMM field because she enjoys witnessing the progression of this field and the number of opportunities remains significant. Her greatest opportunity is to work and mentor with promising leaders to grow their careers and provide opportunities. “It feels like I’m opening doors and creating opportunities in HealthIT that we haven’t experienced before,” says Eva. “The door you go in is not necessarily the door you’re going to leave, but the career opportunities are magnificent.” 



As someone who’s in the STEMM field and has a Ph.D., Kellyann Jones Jamtgaard desires to pass her knowledge on to the next generation. “My passion for wanting to get more students involved in STEMM comes from seeing myself in them,” Kellyann says. For Kelly, breaking barriers in STEMM focuses on improving things for the next generation of scientists and activists in science. She advocates for women, people of color and other marginalized groups in science. 



KieWomen was founded in 2016 by one of its senior women leaders who had a vision for implementing a predominantly female environment throughout the company. “KieWomen’s impact here at Kiewit Power Engineers has not just been in Kansas City, but I think it’s been felt across the U.S in other Kiewit businesses and organizations,” says J. Kevin Needham, President of Kiewit Power Engineering. Kiewit seeks to recruit, promote and retain women to assure that Kiewit’s female employees are truly engaged and fulfilled in their careers. “ It’s really exciting and humbling to see that we are making a difference,” says Katie Foster. 

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