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Capitalism works. Its power to positively change lives is unparalleled. Capitalism has helped eradicate poverty, increase literacy, extend life expectancy, and made education, art, and culture available to more people than ever.

But misuse of capitalism’s power by some has led to negative stereotypes such as greed, misconduct, and exclusion.

There is a better way to be a capitalist. A way that will create a better world for everyone. A way forward for humankind to liberate the heroic spirit of business and our collective entrepreneurial creativity so we can be free to solve the many daunting challenges we face.

Conscious Capitalism provides that path.

Beginning March 10, the Kansas City Chapter of Conscious Capitalism presents a four-part series on how conscious capitalism offers a better way to do business.

By the end of this series you will have learned: 

  • The 4 Tenets of Conscious Capitalism
  • The advantages of operating as a conscious company
  • Tools and strategies for building a more conscious company

Build A Better World By Building A Better Business
Part 1: Discovering Your Company’s Higher Purpose

Thursday, March 10 | 12 – 1:30 PM CDT | Virtual via Zoom

Elevating humanity through business begins with knowing WHY your company exists. Without this, you have no compass to find and stay focused on your True North. Businesses should exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. We see profit as a necessary means to achieving your purpose—not as an end in and of itself.

Companies that define and activate their higher purpose report more employee engagement, increased growth, and stronger relationships with their business partners and communities.

In this workshop, we’ll explore why purpose matters, how to discover or assess your company’s purpose, and how to activate your organization’s higher purpose.

Kyle Danner long believed that business could be a force for good. Growing up, working in, and becoming a co-owner in his family’s company, he saw firsthand how business could exist to serve every stakeholder it touched. Following a 17-year career in the family business, Kyle made the difficult decision to leave it all behind. He returned to school to earn a degree in counseling but found he missed working on large business challenges. Today, Kyle helps business owners, and their leadership teams build a better business to live a better life by implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.


Build A Better World By Building A Better Business
Part 2: Awakening Conscious Leadership

Thursday, March 24 | 12 – 1:30 PM CDT | Virtual via Zoom

According to the Harvard Business Review, organizations that practice conscious leadership perform 10x better. These high-performing organizations are created and guided by leaders who see a path and inspire others to travel along that path. Conscious Leaders understand and embrace the Higher Purpose of business and focus on creating value for and harmonizing the interests of the business stakeholders. In addition, they possess qualities like strength, energy and enthusiasm, love and care, flexibility, and emotional and systems intelligence. Finally, they recognize the integral role of culture and purposefully cultivate Conscious Culture.

During this experiential workshop, we are going to introduce you to a better understanding of the neuroscience behind being a conscious leader; finding out how to move from a state of reactivity into one of creativity; learning a science-backed 4-step process for experiencing greater control and composure under stress; and experiencing a process for becoming more aware of yourself and others.

Ron Hill believes if we focus on solving our own problems, then collectively we can thrive.

As the founder and Chief Enrichment Officer of Redemption Plus, Ron discovered his purpose and inspired others to find theirs. The bottom line of helping others lead enriched lives of meaning & purpose was baked into the DNA from the start. It also became crystal clear that business can elevate humanity while being profitable. You can do both, you must do both, and you should never compromise on navigating the polarity of each. This is the future of business.


Build A Better World By Building A Better Business
Part 3: Building A Conscious Culture

Thursday, April 7 | 12 – 1:30 PM CDT | Virtual via Zoom

A company’s culture is the ethos – the values, principles, practices – underlying the social fabric of a business, which permeates the atmosphere of a business and connects the stakeholders to each other and to the purpose, people and processes that comprise the company. All companies have a culture, but not all companies intentionally develop a culture that promotes their values and purpose.

Research shows that business leaders agree that culture provides the greatest source of competitive advantage. By focusing on culture, revenues, stock prices, and return on investment were higher than companies that did not.

During this workshop, we’ll explore the qualities of a conscious culture and four steps you can take to building a conscious culture.

As a conscious leader with a passion for operationalizing growth strategies in purpose driven, people-centric, conscious business environments, Christina Long brings 25 years of diverse experience as an entrepreneur, a C-level executive, and a consultant, along with being both a visionary and an integrator as she works with companies and leaders to develop profit maximizing culture building strategies.

As the Chief People Officer and then Chief Operations Officer at Redemption Plus, she was integral in the development of the culture and company to a purpose driven path, and recently in the successful sale of this company and post-sale transition.

Today she is excited to start and lead her own company – Transcending U. Her core areas of focus are organizational development, people operations and growth strategies, providing consulting, coaching, training and leadership development.


Build A Better World By Building A Better Business
Part 4: Discovering and Amplifying
Stakeholder Orientation

Thursday, April 21 | 12 – 1:30 PM CDT | Virtual via Zoom

Companies that fail to recognize their impact on their community and the larger world often stumble. Acknowledging the interdependent nature of life and the human foundations of business, an organization must create value with and for its various stakeholders like customers, employees, vendors, investors, and communities. Understanding and appreciating the interconnectedness of its stakeholders motivates organizations to see themselves as givers rather than takers. Yet, paradoxically, they receive far more in return than they give.

During this session, learn how to identify the various stakeholders in your company, identify their needs, and build WIN-WIN-WIN relationships with the stakeholders impacted by your organization.

Kelly Jackson’s passion is altering the way we organize, inter-relate, and collaborate, enabling impact-centric organizational design. She promotes co-owned, co-managed collaboration among groups wanting to impact their communities and the world significantly.

People are tired of “business as usual” where all eyes are on the bottom line and returning value to shareholders. So she is working with others to help individuals excited by the new trends in self-management, co-ownership, and for-purpose enterprises to build a business based on these principles.