Stress is a big topic these days with many contributing factors. The cost of stress for companies is extreme, upwards of $300 billion overall. But what is really at the core of unhealthy stress?

Whether you are a leader in a company, non-profit, family, or relationship, you’ll find a wealth of value in this program series based on Rachel Keck’s book, Everyone Is Not Like You: Creating Authenticity and Connection in Today’s Workplace. This book was written because customer service, as it is, is not sustainable or meeting its potential for impact. Amazing customer service can change the world. It starts from the inside out. Practicing authenticity is a way to create sustainable workplaces that operate with integrity and generate connection. This strategy gets at the root of long-term recurring stress for so many of us.

Throughout the series, you’ll have an opportunity to explore Authenticity, Integrity, Connection, and Building Culture. Rachel is a master facilitator at creating safe spaces for leaders to discover their own wisdom, learn from the experiences of others, and leave with more awareness and clarity. Expect to be engaged and invited to participate in a community of fellow learners who want to grow themselves and others. Experiment with new strategies.

By the end of this series you will: 

  • Understand the phases involved in the practice of authenticity and create a blueprint for yourself.
  • Discover new ways to think about integrity and uncover your own values.
  • Learn the six steps to understanding and connecting with others.
  • Create a culture strategy for your own work, team, or company.
Rachel Keck is a workplace culture coach and consultant. She is currently serving as Director of Customer Experience at FLI Transportation & Logistics. With training in the fields of psychology, sociology, and spiritual direction, she brings a wealth of experience and curiosity to both individuals and how those individuals create a collective. She founded Mosaic-Collaborative as a resource to leaders who are responsible for workplace culture as well as a service to those that nurture the clients and customers of service-based businesses. Rachel believes authentic customer service starts with people practicing authenticity and that authentic connection can change the world in a positive way because she sees it happen every day.


What does it take to build a sustainable workplace culture?

Thursday, March 31 | 12 – 1 PM CDT | Virtual via Zoom

I define culture as how we do things. Culture weaves together three things: individuals, community, and getting sh*t done. One of the most challenging things that can be found at the intersection of workplace culture and customer service is the reality that part of our human design is that we see the world only from our uniquely lived experiences. We can be curious and empathize. We can make an effort to understand the other person, but we still see it only from our point of view. That reality sets us up for constrained workplace cultures. Let’s talk about the three essential elements of a high-performing, sustainable culture.



The Practice of Authenticity:
Showing Up As Yourself

Thursday, April 14 | 12-1 PM CST
Virtual via Zoom

Authenticity is the practice of being who you are at all times. This means you don’t have a work self, a home self, or a way you act around one person versus another. We have been conditioned to behave in a certain way in certain settings. We create workplaces to support this conditioning with policies, processes, and procedures.

Understand the four phases of the practice of authenticity. Create your own blueprint for your own practice. Be empowered so you can empower others.

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The Aspiration of Integrity:
The Process of Integration

Thursday, May 12 | 12-1 PM CST
Virtual via Zoom

Integrity and integration come from the Latin word, integer, which means to make whole. Integrity is closely tied to authenticity. It is the integration of who we are. The amount of companies that choose integrity as a corporate value speaks to the importance of authenticity. It’s a billboard that says, ‘We want to be who we say we are!”

Discover new ways to think about integrity. Take time to uncover your own personal values. Gain clarity so you can lead others to clarity.

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The Path to Connection and the Ultimate Workplace Culture

Thursday, June 9 | 12-1 PM CST
Virtual via Zoom

There is pressure on leaders to create psychological safety within their teams. Leaders must be able to create psychological safety in themselves first to be able to create it around them. If they are unable to do this work, a leadership role may not be the right place for them. Likewise, the other people on the team are not off the hook. Each person is responsible for doing the work required to understand what feels safe, clearly communicate it, and be able to self-regulate with a sense of safety and respect inside.

Learn the six steps to connect with yourself and others. Guide yourself through these steps so you can guide others through them as well.

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Building Workplace Culture:
This is how we do it.

Thursday, July 14 | 12-1 PM CST
Virtual via Zoom

Culture can be built by giving people and their behaviors energy and attention. That’s why each company’s culture is distinctive. It’s led by and made up of dynamic people. We are a reflection for each other. We don’t teach each other how to be authentic. We practice authenticity for ourselves and encourage others to do the same. We create opportunities to act in integrity and to experiment with authenticity.

Begin to fill in your own culture strategy. This strategic blueprint is an alignment tool. It could be for you, your team, your company, or your family. Commit to action on the clarity you’ve found and see momentum build!

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