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With hundreds of members, CX represents the largest cross-section of women from throughout the Kansas City area — members include business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, nonprofit professionals, civic leaders, and community volunteers. We bring women together in unparalleled fashion,  providing quality leadership development programming along with networking opportunities to advance both professional and personal growth.

Benefits of Membership

  • Hundreds of leadership programs a year with meals
  • Unparalleled networking
  • Personality Strengths Assessment
  • Job Board Access
  • Board Recruitment Board Access
  • ~60% Midwest Leadership Summit Discount
  • Exchange Circle programs
  • Exclusive UMKC Bloch School Benefits: 

  • Access to Emerging Leaders program
  • Young Professionals group
  • Network Exchange | Building an internal women’s affinity group
  • WiSTEMM Committee


There’s no greater investment than your investment in you.

 Join Central Exchange and invest in advancing your career, your company and your community.

Year One

annual fee
+ one-time $150 initiation fee

For $42/month, you can access all that CX has to offer! Attending one program at a nonmember rate is $35. For just $7 more, unlock access to a full first-year membership.

Year Two

annual fee
ages 21-35

annual fee
ages 36+

Year Three + Beyond

annual fee
ages 21-35

annual fee
ages 36-59

annual fee
ages 60+

Annual membership may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annual installments


“It can be helpful to look outside of your own four walls and see that there are others who have similar struggles and are successful. I’ve found women who are open,” Cheryl notes, “who will share and provide great counsel.”

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“In the short amount of time I’ve been a member of Central Exchange, this organization has had more impact on my personal and professional life than I’ve had in 10 years of professional experience in the finance industry. It’s genuinely impacted all aspects of my life!”

Read Marissa’s member story >> 

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Curious to know more?

We’d love you to experience Central Exchange as a guest at one of our programs. Additionally, reach out to Mona Raglow, CX Director of Member Experience,, to discover more and ask all the questions you’d like.
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