win | win

A business case for Kansas City

Now is the moment for Kansas City to substantially accelerate business growth, innovation, profitability, and become a leader

win | win is a Central Exchange campaign to increase gender diversity on corporate boards and in C-Suites across Kansas City region companies. win | win provides a range of educational forums, services, and activities to help educate, change perceptions, and create a sense of purpose among supporters. A distinctive branding campaign was launched to grow awareness, sponsorships, and public support.

A convergence of global research shows a strong and positive correlation between gender diversity at the top, and company growth, innovation, and profitability. According to Catalyst studies, “Fortune 500 companies with more gender diversity among executive officers had a ROE 35% higher than those with the least diversity.”

Women are 60% of college graduates — the majority of today’s talent pool
Women are 51% of the managers and professionals in today’s workforce
More than 80% of consumer buying decisions are made by women
Within the Top 40 public companies Kansas City, women constitute 12% of boards of directors

Companies with three or more women at the top received higher evaluations on nine key non-financial metrics:*

  • Innovation
  • Coordination and Control
  • Accountability
  • Direction
  • Capability
  • Work Environment and Values
  • Motivation
  • External Orientation
  • Leadership

*Reported by McKinsey

“Management at better performing companies makes smarter decisions, including utilizing all the best brains available, regardless of gender.” – Adler

“Women facilitate teamwork and innovation.” – Dezso and Ross

“Gender diverse teams almost always outperform a homogeneous group by substantial margin.” – Ernst & Young and University of Michigan

“Multiple perspectives…the boardroom dynamic is more open and collaborative and difficult problems are dealt with.” – Catalyst

How can I join the win | win campaign?

Circle of Champions Luncheon

Annually, win | win recognizes regional corporations that achieve at least 20% gender diversity on their corporate boards.

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