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Sponsor HER

Women need champions. Women need a support network and those who can see the bright light that shines within them. Most importantly, we need to surround ourselves with those who see our potential and are willing to help us achieve it.

Our challenge to men and women in Kansas City is step up and SPONSOR HER. Choose a woman in whom you see potential and sponsor her membership at Central Exchange for one year. We will help provide the tools for you to:

Mentor Her. Connect Her. Encourage Her. Inspire Her. Advance Her.

Don’t only watch her thrive, play a role in making it happen! At Central Exchange, she will receive remarkable leadership development opportunities, develop and build relationships that will carry her through her greatest successes and challenges in business and in life, and she will gain the confidence and opportunities to achieve her full personal and professional potential.

Now through May 31st, get half off the annual membership fee (a $500 savings!)

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