Refer & Receive

Refer a CX Member. Receive $50 reward. 

Central Exchange Members are our biggest advocates. Refer & Receive is a thank you for sharing the CX love!

Sample Email Language & Follow Up
Member Benefits Flyer
Social Media Graphics
Letter of Support

Use this digital toolkit to share about Central Exchange: 

  • Sample email language & follow up steps: Use this template to share about CX with your friends and connections.
  • Member benefits flyer: This flyer gives an overview of the main CX benefits.
  • Social media graphics: Share these graphics along with your personal experiences on social media to spread the word about CX!
  • Letter of support: If your potential new member cannot pay for membership herself, share this letter of support with her. She can advocate to her company and/or reach out to CX for more information.
  • Helpful links

All the details. 

When you refer a new Central Exchange member, you’ll earn a $50 gift card.

CX values our members, and we know you’re our best referral source. You have many options for networking and we want to pass along our thanks in a way we can all appreciate: $$$. Whether you use it for fun, pay it forward, or something else, it’s one way we can say thank you!

You will receive a $50 gift card after the new member has paid the $150 initiation and her or his first payment of either monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Your card will be mailed within a couple of weeks of the new member sign up and payment.

The new member must enter your name on the CX application, and only one name can be entered. If two or more names are entered, the first name listed will receive the $50 gift card.

Your referral can be a brand new member, or someone who has experienced CX in the past.

Any active CX member in good standing with her dues, and is listed as a new member’s referral on the application, is eligible to receive the $50 reward. (This means brand new CX members are eligible, too!)

You’ll be paid $50 for each new member, and there is no limit!

This will run June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020.

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