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Central Exchange is proud to present
Perspective Consulting’s Gender In Perspective Series

Ready to take your business to the next level by improving gender communication and effectiveness? Don’t miss this new series at Central Exchange! We are partnering with Perspective Consulting to bring you an all-new program from our Gender IQ series.
Invest in your people. Invest in your company’s success.

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Gender diversity is good for business.

Going from 0 female
senior executives to 30% leads to a
in profitability.


When a female executive walks,
it costs you at least
of her annual salary.

Center for American Progress

At the current rate, it will take
100 Years
to reach the gender parity.
Since 2016, the gap has widened.

Fast Company

Lead with Perspective™ is changing the way we see leadership and moving the needle on gender equity.
If you’re struggling with how to fix the gender gap, we can help.

comes from understanding and embracing different perspectives.

is to both improve organizational structure and train women to lead with authenticity, like women, not force them to ‘lead like men.’

Through our Gender In Perspective™ and Lead Like a Woman™ educational series, we empower men and women to work together to acknowledge bias and learn from each others’ perspectives, then prepare organizations to nurture female leaders and women to succeed in a manner true to themselves.

The Gender In Perspective™ series brings men and women together in a safe space, without judgement, to talk about how to foster better communication through understanding bias, uncovering blind spots, and embracing differing perspectives. Together, they figure out how to interrupt organizational structure and behaviors and build high-performing teams where men and women both thrive.

At some point in our journey towards business equity, equal was translated to “the same.” Yet this scenario loses the female perspective and teaches women to think that they must “act like a man” in order to thrive. Lead Like a Woman™ is a different kind of leadership training. Through our programming, women learn leadership skills that are critical for anyone to succeed, this time without erasing their female perspective. It’s about time women have a leadership training that celebrates the female lens and strengths!

Learn the 5 Pillars of Influence:

Meet the Women Behind This Mission!

Dr. Lisa Parrott

Dr. Lisa Parrott has her PhD in Organizational Leadership. She is a data geek and a brilliant leadership and diversity consultant. Her knowledge is grounded with real world experience. She developed groundbreaking programs at Amazon, after learning to lead as a US Marine Captain.

In 2013, Dr. Lisa was named on the Civilian Jobs Military Top 40 Under 40. She is an advisory board member for two companies and presents to numerous organizations where she brings passion, innovation, and transformation.

Amy Leslie

Amy has 20 years of experience building, turning around, and leading teams, with P&L responsibility. Her experience in the trenches of leadership spans all sizes of companies, from small start-up firms to large, well-established Fortune 500 companies.

Amy is CEO of Perspective Consulting, a woman-owned Certified Partner of the Predictive Index. She serves on several boards, where she is a passionate force accelerating women in business.

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