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Our Executive Chef Peter Beffa does a fantastic job, and key to Central Catering Co.’s success is Walter Rogers, Sous Chef. “I love to cook, but I also enjoy interacting with the members to help them have a great experience,” Walter says. There’s no doubt that our members adore his kind heart and presence at CX. Read on to find out more about Walter, his family and passion for food.

“You can’t help but smile when Walter is in the room!”

His CX connection: Walter learned about Central Exchange through a job opportunity. “I wanted to work here because it is a great networking platform, and I believe in empowering women to succeed in life. I have two daughters so that’s extremely important to me.”

A day in the life: As Sous Chef, Walter spends most of his time in the kitchen prepping food, cooking delicious meals, and creating beautiful dishes, all while overseeing offsite catering events. “I assist Peter in creating culinary delights for the members and guests to ensure the best culinary experience possible,” Walter says. If you would like the opportunity to taste the meals straight from our culinary team, visit centralexchange.org/catering.

Before Central Exchange: If you had ever been to The Majestic before Walter started at CX, then it’s likely that you have tasted his food before. “As Lead Line Cook, I ensured that everyone had what they needed and was responsible for overseeing food production.” Walter achieved two degrees from Henry Ford College in Michigan, one in culinary arts and one in hotel restaurant management.

On Women Leadership: Along with Walter’s two daughters, Courtney and Samiah, he also has a great-niece named Journey and a son named James. He hopes that the young women in his life will never struggle to have the opportunity to lead and empower others. “Leadership should not be defined by gender,” Walter says. “If you have the qualities and persona to lead, you should lead.”

Outside CX, where we’ll find Walter:  Walter also enjoys spending family time with his daughters, niece, and wife, Tiauna. When he isn’t doing the above, he’s busy keeping the streets of Arkham City safe in his Batman video game.

Woman who made a difference in your life: “My wife always overcomes life obstacles to reach her goals, which is very inspiring.” Walter admires Tiauna’s life determination, but also her kind heart.  “Tiauna paints rocks for Raytown rocks,” Walter says. “The rocks have pictures and inspirational quotes on them. Once they’re painted, we place them around the city for the community to find.”

“If you have the qualities and persona to lead, you should lead.”

Most valuable lesson CX has taught him: “Diversity is the key to success,” Walter says when referring to the SevenDays campaign that CX had the opportunity to cater for. “It was great seeing all of the different communities coming together for a just cause.” Learn more about SevenDays at http://givesevendays.org/.

Dream Job: “This IS my dream job!” Walter exclaimed. “I get to make my favorite meals every day, and meals I cook!” We are just as proud to have Walter on our team as he is of his food.

“You can’t help but smile when Walter is in the room! Few people practice such genuine kindness and a true interest in helping others the way Walter does. Since joining our team, Walter has helped us to elevate the overall member experience, drive interest in our catering services and has been an incredibly reliable member of the team. It’s a privilege to work alongside Walter each day, and I am grateful for the ways he sets the example for stellar service both internally and externally at Central Exchange.” – Courtney Thomas, President and CEO.

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