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Throughout our lives, it’s the people and experiences we encounter that shape us. It’s those who encourage us, challenge us, take chances with us and celebrate all that falls between who help us experience our full potential and live our best life. The women featured on this page have also shaped the lives of others and their community. We celebrate YOU!

The Central Exchange mission empowers and connects women across generations, promotes equity for women, ignites confidence in women and cultivates and accelerates women leaders. We are where women shape the future.  Who has shaped you? Recognize this special woman by donating to the Central Exchange Education Foundation in honor of HER.

Heather Allen is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Heather Allen is a Client Service Specialist at Aspyre Wealth Partners. Before joining Aspyre, Heather was an Operations Manager at Creative Planning in Leawood, KS. Heather works closely with the wealth management and financial planners at Aspyre and is responsible for delivering superior customer service to clients, preparing performance reports, monitoring accounts receivable reports, and completing money transfers. She is a graduate of University of Missouri – Kansas City with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Heather earned her MBA from Colorado Technical University.

Jamie Bosse is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Jamie works with clients to help them “Master What’s Next” by clarifying their goals, creating a financial plan, and taking action.  She is a Certified Financial Planner at Aspyre Wealth Partners. Jamie enjoys writing financial articles and has been featured in the Kansas City Star, KC Parent, The Journal of Financial Planning, The Register, Solutions, and Investment Advisor Magazine.  She has also published a children’s book, Milton the Money Savvy Pup.

Amanda Rehman is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Amanda Rehman is an Investment Analyst at Aspyre Wealth Partners. Amanda’s responsibilities at Aspyre Wealth Partners, include conducting investment research and assisting in the preparation of investment recommendations, analyses and reports. She collaborates on Aspyre’s global fiduciary processes and is a member of the investment management committee. Amanda also supports the wealth management team in providing client service.

Beth Sarver is celebrated by Laura Gilchrist

Beth Sarver is a beautiful human and a leader in KC education. Beth helps KC schools and organizations transform around health, resilience and well-being. Beth
laid the foundation for the resilience movement in KC schools when she led Trauma-Sensitive Schools trainings in her job at Truman Medical Center. She then worked in KC schools for 3 years DOING the very work she had trained others on. Now she is actively consulting with schools helping them redesign physical spaces and shift from punitive to resilient operating systems. I was impacted deeply by Beth when I attended one of her Resilience Coffee meetups a few years ago. The connection I formed with Beth and the group that day was a turning point in my life. I set off on my own journey of healing the wounds of past trauma and growing into my beautiful, authentic self. I am grateful for Beth and I’m excited to work with her in our KC schools and communities! — Laura Gilchrist

Monica Alderson is celebrated by Penny Burnidge

Monica Alderson is Business Services Director – Technology at Hallmark Cards

Amanda Hahn is celebrated by Kim Yates

Amanda Hahn is a product planner and forecaster by day and women’s development/empowerment leader by night (in her spare time). Amanda has spent years excelling in the planning/forecast world at Macy’s, Eddie Bauer, Beauty Brands, and Lee Jeans. She is whip smart, always has a clear point of view, and is a change agent. Over the past six months Amanda has combined her business strengths with her passion for people in leading Lee’s employee engagement organization – WOVEN – where she and her team have created training and coaching for the 130 employees of Lee Jeans. — Kim Yates

Chrissy Hatcher is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Chrissy Hatcher is Administrative Assistant at Aspyre Wealth Partners. Before joining Aspyre, Chrissy was the District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, Heart of America Council in Kansas City, MO. Chrissy works closely with the wealth management and operations teams at Aspyre and is responsible for providing professional support and service to our clients and staff.  She also maintains the office facilities.

Melissa Ryan is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Melissa Ryan is a Financial Planning Associate at Aspyre Wealth Partners.  She is responsible for providing support to the financial planners and wealth management team at Aspyre. This includes working with clients to complete financial analyses and scenarios, preparing material for client meetings and coordinating with clients to complete actions to help them achieve their goals.  Melissa joined Aspyre in 2005 and worked with clients in a similar role for three years before taking a brief endeavor into a high school business teaching career. Her main focus was teaching financial literacy and establishing a personal finance curriculum as a required course. She then returned to Aspyre to assist clients to “Master What’s Next®”.

Julie de Graaf  is celebrated by Kim Yates

Julie de Graaf is smart, kind, organized, fun, and a new mom to Eli with baby #2 on the way. She has spent the past six years ensuring that all of the executives at Lee Jeans had everything they needed exactly when they needed it, without ever missing a beat. While still early in her career, Julie has also taken on a project management role to enable the women and men of Lee Jeans to access much needed training and development. Her LinkedIn profile reads: Executive Assistant, Problem Solver, Event Planner, and Mind Reader, which is just the perfect description of how she shows up every day.

Jessi Chadd is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Jessi Chadd is a Principal at Asypre Wealth Partners. In her various roles at Aspyre Wealth Partners, Jessi is given a lot of opportunities to help others.  With clients, she enjoys helping them understand their goals but also the motivations and intentions behind these goals. She works with clients to take their goals and make them a reality through actionable plans and consistent accountability. She finds it truly rewarding to help clients live the best life available to them and get specific on what that means.

Colleen Wysong is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

As Director of Operations, Colleen Wysong oversees business procedures, technology, and compliance standards at Aspyre Wealth Partners.  She develops, maintains and communicates the firm’s information processes and data management systems.  She works to ensure the firm is meeting quality client service and performance targets as well as facilitating the human resource policies and procedures.

Jen Hildebrand is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Jen Hildebrand is part of the fantastic team of women I work with at KHC Wealth Management! Each brings a unique skill set and with our shared commitment to providing “wow” client experiences, it makes for a great team. I appreciate the opportunity to work with each lady because they each bring special talents, energy and passion for being great for our clients. We cheer each other on, we rely on each other’s strengths, we push to get better, and we have fun together. I feel lucky to work with them each day!

Amber Burke is celebrated by Kim Yates

Amber Burke is skilled in the art and science of apparel design and merchandising. She has played a key role in the transformation of the Lee brand through an arsenal of new products, design, and fabrics. Amber is a calm, trusted, and empathetic leader who has been a champion for the nearly all-female team at Lee Jeans. She actually created the mission statement for women’s development at Lee. Amber is currently knee-deep in her own self-development via numerous podcasts and books as she looks to unleash her entrepreneurial spirit in the next chapter of her career. — Kim Yates

Laura Anderson is celebrated by Kim Yates

Laura Anderson is a woman who is unafraid to take on new challenges. She is a master of technical design at Lee and recently took that mastery to the test, by developing an entirely new skill set in the world of virtual design. The skills Laura has taken on are game changing in the industry. Laura brings that same fearless approach to her commitment to training, developing, and growing those around her. She is a true champion for learning and development, and will be taking that bold approach to apparel design and people development with her in her new Lee adventures in Greensboro, North Carolina. — Kim Yates

Whitney Neary is celebrated by Kim Yates

Whitney Neary is a visionary with a creative spirit and passion for driving change. She puts her heart and soul into anything she touches. Whitney will be one of the few women of Lee moving to North Carolina carrying on the mission of brand reinvention and growth for this Kansas City home grown iconic brand. As a young leader, Whitney has taken on the challenge of growing and evolving her leadership style to serve all on her team. She will no doubt leverage all of her strengths to not only return the Lee brand to glory, but to also carry on the legacy of growing and developing the women of Lee. — Kim Yates

Mimi Skinner is celebrated by Joni Lindquist

Before joining Aspyre Wealth Partners in early 2008, Mimi Skinner was a Recruiting Associate for EFL Associates. She has over 20 years of experience in administration in various industries. Mimi’s responsibilities include support of the executive team, data management, client scheduling, and assistance with marketing, sales, compliance, and recruiting.