Member Spotlight: Katie Ervin

Katie Ervin was at a pivotal point in her career when she became a Central Exchange member. “It’s amazing how everything happened at once,” Katie says. “I was at a crossroads at work and I really believe Central Exchange is what gave me the confidence to take a big step up and get a new job.” Today, Katie loves her work as the Associate Vice President of Academic Operations at Park University and thanks her fellow members at Central Exchange for helping her take her career to a whole new level. Meet Katie.

Her path to CX:

While Katie had enjoyed her role as a regional director at Webster University, a change in leadership left her feeling unsatisfied and unchallenged. She had no idea whether she should take this chance to start a business, become a coach or pursue another job in higher education. At this career crossroads, Katie desired to get more involved in the community. Even though Katie lived 20 minutes outside of Kansas City, one of her best friends encouraged her to become a member of Central Exchange. “I joined and quickly fell in love with everything Central Exchange is,” Katie says. “I love to network and get out and meet people. It’s a perfect fit for me.”  

CX’s impact on her career:

When faced with a career turning point, Katie turned to Central Exchange. “Figuring out what I wanted to do could have been a difficult time,” Katie shares, “but instead I was surrounded by this group of women who hugged me in and built my confidence.” With her new CX friends, Katie uncovered the right move for her career and accepted her ideal position as the Associate Vice President of Academic Operations at Park University.

Memorable lesson:

With multiple options for next steps in her career, Katie went to as many CX programs as she could. It was during a program focused on trusting your gut that Katie had her big epiphany. “It was funny because the program was all about looking for the signs around you and trusting what’s going on,” Katie explains. “I came home a different way than usual and saw a giant billboard for Park University. I got chills.” Two days later, Katie got a call to be a final candidate for the associate VP position at Park University. “I believe if I wasn’t at Central Exchange, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence for the day-long interview,” Katie comments. “It still brings me to tears to think I’m here at Park doing the thing I feel like I was made to do.”

Professional development at CX:

Katie had always prided herself in having a strong sense of confidence, but she’d hit a point in her career where she felt unsure about her next move. “Central Exchange is what got me through a rough spot,” Katie says. “I knew that even if the session wasn’t focused on a topic that would touch me, I would learn something, and more importantly, I would make really cool connections with people.” Katie’s learned that there are women at CX who will support her no matter what she’s feeling. Whether it’s getting together to celebrate or sharing encouragement and advice, Katie developed relationships at CX that give her the confidence to say, “Of course, I can do this!”

Final word:

“Central Exchange is pivotal,” Katie declares. At a turning point in her career, Katie could have gone in multiple directions. “Central Exchange and the relationships I made there gave me the confidence to reach high and get an amazing new job.”

Katie has found Central Exchange to be a safe place to share all your highs and lows. “Central Exchange has given me so much,” Katie says. “Now, I look back to give how I can because I’m in such an amazing place professionally. My career is soaring. It’s my turn to share with everyone else.”

Thanks to Katie for being a valuable member of Central Exchange. We greatly appreciate Katie’s openness and commitment to being a friend to all of her fellow members. Make career-changing connections with women like Katie and become a member of Central Exchange. You’re invited to visit! Register for one of our many upcoming programs.

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