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Become a Speaker

  • Thank you for considering Central Exchange a place to share your message! All speaker applications will be reviewed to determine relevance and popularity of your content. Once selected, speakers will be asked to provide a high resolution head shot or promotional photo within 6 weeks to ensure adequate time to promote your presentation and maximize attendance.
  • Presentation Information

  • Room set-up options depend on room size, number of attendees and other factors. We will clarify and confirm a week before your presentation.
    We offer programming at two Kansas City Metro locations. Depending on availability and program schedule, we may be able to accommodate your location preference.
  • Your signature indicates you agree to: 1. Appear at the agreed upon date, time and location. 2. Bring your own copies or handouts for your program. 3. Allow Central Exchange to use photos and/or videos of your presentation in our promotional materials. including social media. 4. Promote the event to your own network to help drive attendance. 5. Refrain from using this presentation as a business solicitation of any kind.