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Women in STEMM is a Central Exchange movement designed to put a well-deserved spotlight on women in Kansas City working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and medicine (STEMM). By focusing on successful STEMM leaders, WiSTEMM hopes to draw attention to the resource shortfall in these careers and provide inspiration for others to pursue careers in these areas.

 WiSTEMM Teams

  • Gala, Awards & Recognition
    • Promote the accomplishments of the members of WiSTEMM both internal to Central Exchange as well as within the community at large. 
  • Speaker Series
    • Inspire, engage, and educate audiences through high-quality, targeted speaker events that address challenges, opportunities and resources specific to STEMM careers. 
  • Special Interest Breakouts
    • Provide a platform to allow any group of WiSTEMM members (2 or more) with a common interest to form breakout sessions for the purpose of knowledge sharing or skills development in STEMM related areas. 
  • Socials
    • Coordinate quarterly events in an informal, after hours, social setting.
  • Alliances & Affiliations
    • Build relationships with external organizations that complement CX WiSTEMM direction and focus.
  • Operations
    • With a focus on growth of the WiSTEMM brand by overseeing our brand strategy, social media and CX website postings, and creating other marketing materials as needed. The operations team also acts as the recruiting arm of the WiSTEMM Committee by recruiting general members and committee participants.  It facilitates succession planning of all team chair and chair-elect positions.
  • CX Collaboration
    • WiSTEMM member groups interface with all the other CX committees and groups such as Lyceum, Win/Win, Network Exchange, CXL, Speaker's Bureau, ensuring the WiSTEMM voice is represented in all of the groups and to ensure WiSTEMM connects each group to our network.

Our Mission

CX WiSTEMM is the leader in connecting, inspiring, and supporting the professional development of women in STEMM careers.


Fostering community by providing women  in STEMM with a forum to share thoughts, advice and experiences. 

Inspiring women to lead within their organizations and industries.

Championing women in STEMM careers by celebrating individual achievements and acknowledging companies that promote women in STEMM.

Supporting women entering, transitioning, or growing their STEMM careers through networking, mentoring and professional development. 

Don’t miss our events!

WiSTEMM Annual Meeting and Social

This event is held annually at the CX South location in January or February.  This event is open to all CX members and guests. Each WiSTEMM Team will review the previous years accomplishments and communicate their next years goals and plans. Join us to learn more about WiSTEMM and get to know each of the members better.  Register on the CX website.

WiSTEMM Programs 

WiSTEMM offers a variety of programs that both grow awareness of issues for and facing women in STEMM careers. A example of our programming topics include, Male Executives on WiSTEMM Leadership Roles and Uncovering the Overt Consequences of Hidden Biases. We have seen an exceptional response to these events, and are continually looking for program suggestions. Watch for and register on the CX website.

Stemmy Awards

Central Exchange and the WiSTEMM committee are proud to host the Stemmy Awards Gala and celebrate the accomplishments of all women in STEMM careers across the greater Kansas City area.

Need more information?

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